KAG is the market leader in the provision of Knowledge Process Outsourcing ("KPO") to the Financial Services Industry. Our Research & Analytics division provides global coverage to our client list of top global and boutique investment banks, independent research houses, hedge funds (across strategies), asset managers, private equity / venture capital funds and management consulting firms.

We provide our clients with highly skilled, motivated and efficient execution teams. Our Analysts deliver customized analysis ranging from the highly qualitative to the heavily quantitative in the format and timeframe dictated by our clients, thereby enabling cost effective leveraging of in-house resources, expanded coverage capabilities and improved productivity.

Our services

  • Finance & Accounting and Related Services
  • Transaction Management
  • General Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Human Resource Managed Services
  • Stock Options Management / Administration
  • Human Resourcing Activities
  • Human Resource Administrative Activities
  • Transaction Processing Services
  • Insurance

  • Security Operations Center
  • Network Operations Center
  • Technical Help Desk

In order to compete more profitably in a global market, companies all over the world have been searching for ways to reduce expenses and focus resources on their core competencies. KAG will provide you with the services you need in order to improve performance and profitability, gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace and ultimately build shareholder value. Offering you the entire range of Co-Sourcing services, our footprint spans several countries with unrivaled capabilities across industries.

With all of KAG services you benefit from:S
  • Strategic planning and decision making capabilities that can shape successful marketing programs.
  • Cutting-edge technology that makes use of the latest contact center innovations and software capabilities
  • Flexibility in adjusting programs, staffing and rules-set processing to accommodate a broad range of marketing objectives.
  • Integrity and credibility that reflects positively on your company's image.
  • Direct customer interface, responsiveness and expertise that builds customer loyalty.
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance and Training departments to ensure you get the most out of your Contact Center, Back Office Processing and IT programs.

We have an impeccable record with our existing clients. Through our services, they have witnessed and benefited from:
  • Improved service levels
  • Reduced customer support costs
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Enhanced flexibility to manage service peaks and lulls in product lifecycles
  • Standardized and clearly defined processes across geographies
  • Expanded coverage and frequency of interaction with customers

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